Allergies + Game Design

My Thoughts on Spring

While most fortunate bodies get to emerge from the cold winter months into the sunny (or at least less cold) bosom of spring. This is lost on me. I loathe the bright sun, not for its light shed into my eyes, but for what it heralds: pollen.

It’s during this season, I seek the indoors as my body, like many others, has decided to take these good things – sun, flowers, and such – and set the internal mucous production facilities to “Extremely Gooey and Lots of it!” Hooray, seasonal allergies.

Grossness aside, I am lucky enough to be able to do all the things. Netti pot, clean(ish) eating, supplements, acupuncture, and its working pretty well, despite the record high levels of pollen, aka Pollen Apocalypse. It’s probably a ploy by nature to kill off some of us allergic-types with an avalanche of mucous. Snotgurglenoises.

So, in short (too late), f*ck you Spring.

Game Design – Slash-and-Burn Time

After working hard on my head to head card game, Clash, I have been letting my other game, TUCA: Total Utter Complete Annihilation, simmer in the back of the sulfurous laboratory of my mind. Its been smelling a bit off, so I decided to get it back out and see what was rotting.

Turns out, after hauling the stinking corpse-sludge of it back to the table, there was a lot of really good (although smelly) growth. I spent several evenings recently slicing off all the nasty bits that where all of a sudden not that nasty when put into different contexts.

I had a weird idea of a game where you just don’t want to finish last, where you start with all your pieces deployed, your stuff fully developed. Then you start to lose it over the course of about 6 rounds of play. Or this might just be an alternative way to play the game. I don’t know quite yet what it will turn into, but I liked it enough to commit a few hours (and several pages) to the idea.

Ebay Bargain – Rex: Final Days of an Empire

Snagged a used copy of Rex: Final Days of an Empire, and I have to say, initial walk thru the game left me very impressed. There’s a lot of fun going in this game, the theme is enjoyable, and there is a lot of player interaction. From making alliances, joint victories, betrayals, traitors, lots of hidden information, all while trying to do area control on a board that is being constantly bombarded by the human fleet in orbit.

Combat is a bidding game, where by you pay lives to take control of a place, but you add a leader to the mix to enhance the power of the attack. However, this ‘leader’ can be a traitor, and if your opponent has that leader’s matching traitor card, they can choose to kill that leader, and negate their bonus to your combat score. Bargains and deals can be freely made. Influence (game currency) is a fun alternative to cash/resources pools.

All six factions have some mechanics of power you might adjust your play to take advantage of. I am very much looking forward to tabling this a few times with a more steady group – should yield very fun games.



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