In the process of…

…Designing a Board Game

I’ve been tinkering and prodding at a set of mechanics for a board game for the past year or less. This one has evolved from a standard 4X game, to a 4X game where you start with full agency/power, but start to lose stuff as the game pushes forward. This game, which I have a working title of TUCA: Total Utter Complete Annihilation, is a game built around the general idea that the world you are playing in is breaking apart, and the players are all active participants in pushing it past the breaking point… into apocalypse!

So, in TUCA, you’ll start with all your stuff (upgrades, powers, advantages, etc). As you compete for territory, and pay the bribes to keep your guilds happy, these activities will advance the Apocalypse track. At designated points along the Apocalypse Track, events are triggered that bring ruin to certain hex tiles and dramatically (and negatively) alter the rules. Battles will be resolved with a card-driven mechanic (with a RPS-lite system for quick resolution).

I am in the revisions mode and working towards a play-test worthy model in a couple weeks. So far, the prototypes of the board and cards are looking better and better. I have the prototypes for enough tiles and pieces for 4 players. Not sure how it would handle more, but I would presume that it would handle it fine – possibly with an increased Apocalypse Track. Still discovering kinks to work out.




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