38 years young, male-bodied human (he/him). Classless, but with every intention of being a good person, and sometimes failing that, on okay person. In a committed, 10+ year relationship. Has dog (Husky/Pit X), and cat (grey tabby), both adopted from the local shelter. I enjoy engaging with my other meatspace participants, and can talk to pretty much any one.

Was finishing up a career in environmental planning as I went back to board games back in 2007. Catan seems to be the gateway drug for many, and it certainly was for my reentry. I haven’t played it since.

When I was younger, I cut my teeth on games like Aggravation, Monopoly, Clue, Hero Quest, Samurai Swords, and Risk, with an occasional backgammon or chess match. About junior year of high school, I got the itch for RPGs for many years. I ran a few homebrew systems (complex bastardizations of the Hero Quest board game), then ran Star Wars Saga Ed., then True20, and now running games with the Dungeon World/Apocalypse World arbitration concepts (“move engines”). I am IN LOVE WITH Blades in the Dark.

When I started board gaming again, I was introduced to several great competitive games, like Air Baron and Glory to Rome. On the recent hit parade are: Inis, Kemet, Quantum, Captain Sonar, and Coup.

Ongoing Creative Stuff

Current projects: Star World RPG, TUCA/Total Utter Complete Annihilation (prototype boardgame), and Clash (a as of now tile-based, secret information, rock-paper-scissor jousting game? Sure, lets go with that).

Also running a Blades in the Dark campaign with basically the evil ghostbusters (who convert spirits to really good electroplasmic fuel and sell it for gobs of coin to eccentric sparkwrights for their secret projects). So yeah, ongoing fun.

Why Competition?

Truthfully, this started because I selfishly wanted to expel my own character flaw demons around competition (its working!). Secondly, I want to recognize the creative and vulnerable place that exists at the center of competition (where the demons come from). Third, I want to honor that place by pushing hard against my adversaries, asking them to push hard back, and share in their victories and defeats as I would want them to share in mine.

Why Blog?

With this blog space, I want to share experiences of modeling this concept of the creative/vulnerable place, and develop principles to guide my decision making process within the constraints of a game environment (or any environment, frankly, including work and life). Push thought and push play. Push strategic thinking, and push fluid thinking. Push and flex that muscle between my ears. Maybe something I have to say helps someone conceptualize failure differently. That’d be awesome. But at the core of this all, I will refer you back to the first reason being the most obvious (selfish).


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