Tabletop Game Day: Play List

While I write this, Empire Strikes Back plays in the background, coffee in a cup near at hand, my dog asleep on her bed, and my cat battering some enrichment object around.


So that happened. It was completely consequently that a friend and I ended up playing games today, but so much the better.

We roped in my buddy’s partner for a few games of Battle Sheep, and then two games of Kemet, followed by a game of Spyrium. By then it was too hot to continue thinking.


Highlight of the day was Kemet with the Ta-Seti expansion (we had the black pyramids and divine intervention and combat cards included, but we left out the priest track). Both of us love the base game and have often played two back to back games of Kemet on days we get together to clash.

The Ta-Seti pyramid and associated ‘tech’ cards are a great compliment to any of the three basic colors (red, blue, white), with great new agency and new synergy available. I played twice with white/black/red, and enjoyed both passes on the new tech tree.

The new combat cards added a lot of fun new yomi strategy, and both of us saw the value in using the new 5 Strength card (even though it hurts you when you use it, but after the fight).

The new divine intervention cards added great new agency, and didn’t feel like power creep at all. In fact, all of it felt really well balanced, and I didn’t feel like it was a necessary thing to take the black pyramid powers, but they were a fun new addition to the gamescape.


This was my first pass at Spyrium, and I have to say, as ‘euro’ games go, this wasn’t terrible. It had some good player interaction with the placement of workers, and the timing of pulling them up for cash or game effects. It is a race to get points game, not a lot of direct interaction, but we were able to rope in a third player which made the placement more interesting (and lucrative). Overall, I enjoyed it enough to maybe play it again, but its not my 10th choice.


I have played this one a few times before, but it was enjoyable start to the day to play three, back-to-back games of this very quick and easy turn-based placement game. If you’re not careful, you can get cut off quickly. Loads of fun. Lots of fuckery. Definitely worth playing, and possibly an easy game to play while trashed (could be a plus/minus, depending on how you look at it).

For the second map, we ended up colluding to create it, but did the normal map creation for the first and third games. Having narrow choke points is very interesting ‘terrain’ for the game, and the empty spaces made it a much more interesting experience.